Friday Rant

Do you remember where GWB was during November and December of last year?

On Wednesday morning, callers into Bill Bennett’s show and Bennett himself referred to Obama’s speech as happening “the other day.”  I think Republicans and Conservatives are feeling like George Will:  Obama just won’t get out of their faces.

Martha “natavist” Raddatz gets to have her say twice on television (ABC and Washington Week).  I am so tired of hearing that the “surge” worked.  Jim asked if it was “worth” it, meaning the Iraq war in general, but the “surge” cost a great deal in both US and Iraqi lives.  It seems that 2007 is a black hole for some people.  It’s just like how people think we’ve all forgotten the ’80’s and Reagan.  I haven’t forgotten. 

On Washington Week, they are laboring under the inability to see long term.  It’s kind of funny, in a sad way.  Journalists lament the closing of one paper in Denver, but watching these guys tonight, it’s understandable.  Their work isn’t up to par.

When the conversaiton switches to what Republicans are doing, NOW they can see a long term plan.  Republicans play by the book.  Obama doesn’t.  That’s the difference.

Martha “nativist” Raddatz criticizes Hillary.  I’ll take Hillary’s own words and how well she had done over the nativist view anytime.  “I was there.”  From her again.  Yes, she was there.  The smart journalist joined the administration.  So this is what we are left with.

Like most tax payers, I wish that I could say where my donation to PBS went.  It wouldn’t go to supporting Washington Week, that’s for sure.

Last rant.  Because I am mean and hateful and unprofessional, one of our part timers (who has a new job as of today, I guess) decided that I am her problem and unloaded on me.  I asked her to give her students more constructive comments than “Good”  “Bad”  or  “OK” and then signing her initials to those comments.  Once again, because I seem to think about our students as more than something to gossip about, I am the evil one.  But hey today was her last day, so screw everyone.  I just got to be the person who had to sit through her rant.  I’d rather have my toenails pulled.  She won’t do well in the current economy, I think.  But that’s the bed she’s chosen.  In other words, today sucked.


One response to “Friday Rant

  1. I agree about ‘Washington Week’. Towards the end of the election I just stopped watching it because it really did collapse into a giggly flea-cracking gossip-fest about the most trivial stumbles or missteps that had happened the week before. I was hoping it would sober up after Obama won & get on with actual insight etc. But it’s verging awfully close to Jon Stewart territory, where every comment is almost tongue-in-cheek and if they can’t find the irony in any given situation then it’s not worth talking about. And yes, M.Raddatz has turned into Ms. Fingernails-On-Chalkboard: she doesn’t seem to realize that she’s become a dependable conduit for all the whisperers in the military who don’t have the guts to speak up & on the record. After Shinseki’s nomination & appointment it ought to be clear to them that they won’t get demoted or forced into early retirement or accused of being traitors if they disagree with the administration but maybe they’re still gun-shy after 8 years of bully-boys like Cheney & Rumsfeld & Wolfowitz. It’s sad but probably okay, since I watches the teeveh too muches anyhoo!

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