Local Republicans are going all Ayn Rand

I’ve been listening to Michael Berry again (I know, I know) and he’s gone around the bend.  He’s suggesting that American’s should declare a day for everyone to read Ayn Rand.

And now Berry’s got Glen Beck on for his weekly interview.  Apparently, Beck is trying to copy President Obama’s myobama.com results.  I have my doubts, given that the resistance only got a little over 400K in support, and Heritage Foundation only has about 400K followers. (And radio stations always manipulate their listerning audience ratings.)

Ha, ha!  Beck just dropped off the line and left Berry hanging.

Anyway, it seems that Berry point today is that good Americans get a second job and pull themselves up by their bootstraps rather than take any kind of help from the government.  (Some immigrants work really hard — he didn’t mention Mexicans — so, it’s Americans that Berry has a problem with.)

It sounds like Beck is off into hysteria land again.  He’s got some very very smart and important people together who will go on his teevee program and tell hypothetical horror stories about the year 2014.

And now they are on to the Ramos and Compean and screaming about the border again.

And speaking of which, Berry has decided to bring back Retarded Chris Baker to do afternoons — from his cave in Minnesota.  I guess “Man Talk” didn’t work out so well.


2 responses to “Local Republicans are going all Ayn Rand

  1. When I was in school, Ayn Rand was the hottest thing since sliced bread. This was the early 80’s, looks like they are still into her. Ayn Rand was a huge advocate of smoking. She used to say it was great for you. She died of lung cancer. Says something doesn’t it.

  2. I went to college in the ’80’s, too and it was the same on my campus. I always thought it was some sort of temporary fixation experienced by guys who couldn’t get dates or had no musical talent etc.

    One other thing about her was her rabid hatred of the USSR. It made her a complete reactionary. People I know who lived through Soviet times at least realized that there were some positives to the system and that the fall was detrimental to so many . . .

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