The Amazing Race 14

I thought I had recorded it, but for some reason, all I recorded was fuzz.

I’m seriously bummed.

This first leg was much faster paced, and it was easier to follow and get a feel for each team than in past seasons.

I don’t have a favorite yet — but the teams look promising.


5 responses to “The Amazing Race 14

  1. Amazing fuzz?! Oh noes!!!

  2. Here is a link to a site that has all of it on there:

    I tried, but I couldn’t figure out how to download the youtube and burn it on a cd.


  3. It’s rare that you see true love captured on video. Tonight, we saw it when Linda and Steve Cole finished last and were eliminated. I wept with sadness and joy. Although eliminated, they are blessed with true love which is the greatest God-given gift to mankind.

  4. Thank-you for this blog and the chance to communicate with the viewers of the great TV production: The Amazing Race.

  5. I felt sad for them, but they tried hard and their love for each other was clear.

    It was a very good leg to the long race.

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