For a Friday

The long nightmare of not having hot water ended this morning.  The tankless waterheater decided to quit last Friday morning and after a few days of weirdness, it back working again.  One positive from it is that I will clean out the attic tomorrow when the rain comes.  I don’t even remember what kind of crap I have up there, but I need to clean it out.

My Reading class is heating up.  We are almost to the end of I Am Legend.  Most of my students have been keenly interested all along.  Now that we are approaching the climax, the stragglers are finally interest.

I think it is good for them to read what a recent movie was based on.   They have learned a lot and I will help them reflect on that by the end of the term.  Hopefully they will look at every movie and book with the same critical eye I have shown them.

My other advanced group is not so ready for finals as I thought.  At least I have one more week to get them ready.  I brought the recordings of their practice speeches  home to listen to this weekend.  I have one week to instill confidence in them.


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