The Zoo (more pics after the break at the end)

My school went to the Houston Zoo today for a field trip.  Everything went rather well.   We had more than 2/3 participation and thankfully, the stragglers I promised got in with a prepaid ticket.

I love the Houston Zoo. 


The Meercats are wonderful.  I got to see the new baby giraffe, but my pics turned out to just be the people reflected in the glass.

The thing about Meercats — and other small mammals — is that they look out for possible predators.  It’s something I had wanted to study before I decided to teach English.

I’m good at what I do.  I just wish now I had pursued my goal.  I would have been watching howler monkeys or orangutans or maybe mandrills sleep.

I made the correct choice.  Education and medicine are two of the fields open now.  We can’t seem to get good teachers.  My job is secure as long as English is spoken on the planet.

I still wish I could have lived these past twenty years in the wild.

I have a friend who plans to move to Africa when her last dog dies.  It’s something to think about.  I’d love to go back home to Africa.  I’d love to end my years visiting all of the countries that I’ve taught students from and then land in Africa.  My home.

More pictures later.




The one on the left is also a new addition to the zoo, but I can’t remember what he is . . .


A big male lion at rest — I couldn’t get a shot at the female to the right.


My favorites — the spectacled bears.  Years ago two spectacled bears escaped from their area (don’t know if these are the same two) by using logs to cross the trench.


Everybody was sleeping —


It’s difficult to see, but there are two big cats up there — a jaguar and a panther, I think.  Or it could be a black jaguar.  I’m not sure.


There was only one lonely Siberian tiger wondering around that morning.


The place was packed with kids wanting to just get a glimpse of Miles.  One lady was there with three little girls and when Miles walked by the window the first time, she asked them if they had seen him.  The littlest one said no.  When Miles made another pass by the window, I scooped her up so she could see.  Then a space up front opened up and I helped the three of them crawl around a stroller to get there and they got to see him one more time.  The whole thing was seriously cool.  (As I said before though, my pictures didn’t turn out 😦


The Primate House is the best.  I honestly can’t remember what kind of monkey this is, but she’s holding another of the new zoo babies.  All but one of the lemurs were out of sight and the one that was out was hiding, so I couldn’t get a good pic 😦


The colorful mandrills were out and grooming when I came by.


Only a couple of red capped mangabeys were out.


Another grooming pair, another I can place a name on. (Two more mangabeys,  maybe?)  But they are sweet, no?


The mom and youngster orangutans were up and active — very playful and attracted a lot of mom’s kids and strollers.


4 responses to “The Zoo (more pics after the break at the end)

  1. Yes, please more pix! The one of the meercats is great!

  2. It will have to be tomorrow, but thanks for the encouragement.

    I was thinking about your plunge into the publishing world tonight and thought I haven’t been as encouraging as I should have.

    It’s a great thing and I should have been more, I don’t know, enthusiastic. I am, you know.

    It’s been a long time coming. I always knew you could do it.

    Perhaps this blog will have some news soon 🙂

  3. The additional pictures are great … years ago I remember seeing the black & white/orange big cats together & it seemed like they were different breeds but getting along … maybe they’re historical allies? If only Cisco were less violent in his friendliness!
    Did you get a glimpse of the titi (sp?) monkeys? The ones that braid their tails together and are very very shy? I love the spectacled bears …

  4. Damned at Random

    I love living in the country- in addition to our skunks, we see elk, deer. gray foxes and raccoons in the yard on a regular basis. One of the raccoons has a lame (maybe paralyzed) front foot, so we are putting dog food out for her(?) at night.

    If you get a chance, you should check out the Wichita Zoo – since they are a small zoo, they decided instead of doing a scattershot job featuring animals from all environments, they would focus on grasslands species. Their exhibits are beautiful (I should say were as I haven’t been there in 25 years) and they don’t have to spend a fortune on environmental controls.

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