This is Great for the GOP

A couple of things:

1. A Rasmussen poll  from the other day shows that most Republicans to be more like Sarah Palin.  I find this a little confusing because they mostly are anyway.  For example, Ashley Juddis the spokesperson for an ad camplaign by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund called “Eye on Palin.”  It criticizes Palin’s support of the hunting of wolves via helicopter among other things.  When Palin was asked to comment on the campaign, this is what she said:

 “Shame on the Defenders of Wildlife for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times.”

And yet, here is Gov. Palin out with her own PAC, with her hand out begging people for money because she might just want to run for president in less than four years.   That’s not what it says, but there are only two buttoms on the first page and the top one is DONATE TODAY!  And if you click on the about Sarah button and then the FAQ and then decide to join today, you go straight to the donation page.

2. Where’s Rush Limbaugh?  Remember last week when it was such a big deal that Obama had called out Limbaugh by name, and Limbaugh decided to create his own stupid stimulus plan and then actually even had it printed on the Op-Ed page of the WSJ? At the time both Bill Bennett (sorry you have to pay to hear his podcasts) and our own manchild Michael Berry of KRTH said that Obama can’t win a fight with Limbaugh.  Of course, the way it was framed by the two of them was that Limbaugh is an entertainer and the Obama supposedly picking the fight was beneath him.

Well, it looks like Limbaugh has taken a vacation.  He hasn’t been on the air for the last three days.  His website states it is a “long-scheduled vacation,” but since he was just on vacation a little over a month ago, I can’t quite buy that — especially since this is just the second or third week of Obama’s presidency.


One response to “This is Great for the GOP

  1. Related to Palin. She’s apparently endorsed Rick Perry. Wow! I’m sure he’s pleased. Or is he? He’s not much brighter than she is but he’s more cunning. Will McCain endorse Kaye Bailey? Will anybody notice?

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