About That Recovery Package

I saw this graphic last week and it gave me pause.  It’s from the WSJ, the same publication that gave Op-Ed space to Rush Limbaugh to lay out his own stimulus package.

I can’t seem to get why both Alaska and Texas stand to get so very much of the funds in the House bill and yet those are the two states that are economically ok now.  I know that Texas is ok because Gov. Perry says that we are recession proof and we don’t need no stinking fed help, ya hear?  And Alaska?  It’s the Union’s own socialist welfare state and has been for quite some time. 

So.  Some numbers.

Aid to States:

Cali:  7,854,800,000

TX: 5,139,542,000

Alaska: 152,158,000

NY: 3,991,858,000

And the states that have been struggling the most these past few years, even before the recession?  All of them would get less than Texas.

And looking at the per capita is even worse.

Alaska: 221

Cali: 213


Michigan: 212

Ohio: 207

It doesn’t make any sense.

And as few seem to understand, states can’t run deficits.  They either pay or not.  Here’s just one warning — from an Arizona partisan who seems to have a problem with their former gov., but has the overall problem right.


3 responses to “About That Recovery Package

  1. Damned at Random

    Texas I sort of understand- they have a lot of repub house members who may have been courted to win their votes (tho it didn’t happen). But Alaska? Why give anything to Don Young – he’s an obstructionist to his marrow.

    The funds should have been distributed based on unemployment and foreclosure numbers- a misery index so to speak- that can be explained to Joe Voter in the mid-terms

  2. It’s a nice thought, but the Texas delegation — the vocal Republican part like Culberson, Poe and the new guy that won DeLay’s old seat — have been whining on local media. I wish that WSJ graphic had had more of a breakdown of what the numbers actually represent. There’s probably some dot gov site where I can find it, but just haven’t yet.

    After watching most of the Sunday morning talking heads, I don’t understand why the point about states not being able to run deficits isn’t pound away more forcefully, though Barny Frank made herculean effort on TW w/GS. I watched that twice. (however, the roundtable afterwards was painful to watch — Bob Woodward — really?)

    In the end, though, I can’t see Obama signing anything that isn’t what he wanted for the most part.

  3. I have a recurrent nightmare in which Bob Woodward & Peggy Noonan are on the same panel …. with Newt barking in the background like a little Pekinese …

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