A Variety Post

I don’t think I have any one topic that I want to write about and my internets are very slow (next step in the technological solutions here at the bear cave), so I will just put it all here, smattered.

First off, I think this Obama guy has it going on.  While there are problems here and there and people like Ann Althouse think any explanation is in fact and excuse, I can understand — as most can — I’ve come into nice cleanly transitioned positions and I have come into messes.

Which brings up Gitmo.  I’m waiting for the time that the Obama Administration (how cool is it to type that!) explains that not all of the people at Gitmo are terrorists and that the Bush Administration made mistakes with the vast majority of those who are there.  There’s no reason to resort to the fact that both Bush and McCain expressed a desire to close Gitmo — that doesn’t matter.  It’s on Obama now, and his interview with Arab television will go a long way in solving that problem . . . that Bush left.

Then there is this strategy of Obama’s.  I love that he is calling out Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.  It’s the same as saying Sean Hannity’s name during the campaign.  Shining a light and then pre-empting what they might say, as well as basically forcing errors is all good.  While Rush decided to present a stimulus plan that is a farce right after Obama called him out, he’s done the same thing with Fox News Sunday.  Will they ever get it?  Oh wait, Obama has only been in office for a week.

Mike Gallagher tried to paint the King family as greedy and for this past week Kathleen has been arguing with a commenter about why African Americans won’t join the Republican party.   That’s an interesting read — here.  I feel sorry for the commenter since he is doing the equivalent of punching a plastic clown.

Lastly (I think), The News Hour has changed it format and it is even better than before.  It is a tight broadcast and every little bit of it is news.  If I hadn’t already made a $630 contribution (by donating my truck), I’d give them more money.  Compared to the profit national news, the News Hour is way ahead.  The discussion tonight about the economic problems of the states was snappy and all of the contributers were well informed.  The segment about the effect of Obama going to Capitol Hill today was great.  The portion about John Updike made me cry.  It was great television.  And Jimmy Carter will be on tomorrow night.


4 responses to “A Variety Post

  1. Damned at Random

    I had wingnut radio on in the car today -MArk (Mike?) Levin was interviewing Rush Limbaugh and rush called Obama a “demagogue.” I laughed so hard, I nearly ran in the ditch.

    And by the way, Obama is a Stillers fan!!

  2. Stillers? as in Jerry & Ben? or as in Pittsburgh??

  3. My two commenters. I can’t even remember when I used to have more. I can’t even remember when I used to not get blocked from commenting on other blogs so much.


    I will keep this blog up if it kills me!

    It’s Mark Levine — the one that purposefully sounds like he’s coming right out of the ’50’s.

    Amazingly, I’ve almost reached my limit with them. Perhaps it’s because I hear their nonsense more on the national news than I ever did before.

  4. Damned at Random

    Stillers as in Pittsburgh Stillers. Like the Philadephia Iggles, only better

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