The Last Dose

Before I go to bed tonight, I will give Tammy her last chemo.  It’s a long shot, since the first two, as well as the previous chemo didn’t work on her original tumor.  If it works, she will be with us for a while longer.  If it doesn’t, she won’t last.

Through all of it she has been the same, except for a couple of times like when she snapped at someone at the vet early in her intravenous chemo and how she growls more now.  Back in the day, when she was just in the backyard by herself, she would at times run manically in figure eights, growling.  Now she growls when I come home and more so when she doesn’t want Murphy to take her toy.  Her growls are a warning.  She is still a very strong girl even though she is very sick.

Earlier tonight, Murphy got the one Nylon bone all three of them focus on.  She sat in front of him for a bit and then started cleaning him.  He got distracted and she took the bone away.  When Murph realized the ploy, he got mad and started yelping at her.  A few growls from Tam convinced him (for the moment) to lie down next to her. 

Tammy has never asked much of us.  She was meant to live here;  I just thought it would be for a while long than it has been.


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