Game Show in My Head (UPDATED!!!!11!!!111!)

Oh, wait.


Of course, local Fox news affiliate played it seirous 😉


3 responses to “Game Show in My Head (UPDATED!!!!11!!!111!)

  1. That was great! The bit about the boys in their ‘little hats’ & then one of them speaks “in a foreign accent” … ha ha … rice pilaf … stay strong America …
    got my Monday off to a good start!

  2. Damned at Random

    Someone should ask Joe what he reads. Apparently he doesn’t realize that before Limbaugh and Faux news, people got info via their newspapers, not primarily from movie news reels. Interseting to see a guy who is a total media attention whore advocate for censorship

  3. By the end of this week the poor guy has lost his sparkle. He’s let pjtv put the knife in him.

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