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Over at TPM, Elena Schorhas an excellent report up about a bill submitted by John Conyers.  It’s the title that caught my eye:

Sleeper Bill of the Month: Our Own Truth & Reconciliation Commission

It’s worth the time to read.  She not only points to the contents of the bill (investigating the Bush administration’s possible crimes) but does her homework about the ICC turnaround that Bush made wrt the Medellin case.

Of course, the biggest difference is that the victims were not from our country.  That’s the main reason I see for there not being the outrage that there should have been.  Those who have condoned the treatment of the people held at Gitmo feel safe in doing so because those people aren’t Americans.  The couple of Americans who were clearly tortured by their fellow Americans — Padilla and Lindh — were easily discounted by that group.

I know that Obama’s administration wants to look forward, but we must also show that we won’t just let this pass.


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