Hope Meets Reality

I wrote beforeabout the people at Grassfire dot org.  They are advertising a website where people can sign a petition (and sign up their family members!) to “resist” the Obama administration.  Their goal up until last Monday was 1,000,000 by January 20th.

Well, that has been scaled back.  They have been hovering around 300K for a while, and so in a conservative sort of way, they have pushed that goal back to 500K.

It makes me think that the poor advertisers on right wing radio are either getting cheated or getting great rates.  Who listens to them anymore?  I have listened to  them regularly since the late 80’s, but not as a fan.  This one little test seems to show that either their audience isn’t internet saavy or they just don’t really have the audience they claim to.

Now that I’m off vacation, I can listen to Bill Bennett.  I almost felt sorry for him this morning.  He seemed to be floundering because his little trivia game took up half his show.  He should listen to his audience and just either do trivia or say things that they can correct him about and then that would be his show.

Things are changing and I can’t wait for the 20th — not wishing my life away or anything, but it can’t get here soon enough.


2 responses to “Hope Meets Reality

  1. Hey, sounds a lot like treason to me! But at least they’re going to make the round-up easy, especially if they include their addresses on the “sore loser sign-up sheet”.

  2. Ha! I missed this one tidbit:

    “Our goal? 500,000 citizens joining together by Inauguration Day — and 1 million total to Resist Obama’s agenda this year.”

    I guess that means I’ll have to follow up on this website for a long time . . .

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