Back to Work!

My vacation is over and tomorrow I go back to work. I will miss spending my days with the pups and kittens. I only gave in to the afternoon nap once, but it was quite tempting every day to settle in for their afternooners.

I really wish I could just stay home with them, especially Tammy. She’s going to have one more chemo treatment and then we will just see where she goes. She and Murph just love the colder weather, but Dora is much more inclined to move slower — mostly because of her little leg.

Cisco is back to normal — knocking shit off onto the floor and being finiky. I still keep a watch on him.

And with the appliances — I am so tired of it. The dryer died and I had to get a new one. The day after that (today) the light in the oven went out. I got my converter box today (sans coupon) and it is a bitch to hook up with other equipment. I finally got it worked out, but now I realize that I should get a DVR.

There’s always something, and this past year seems worse than others.

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