Valkyrie was better than I expected

While other movies were on my list to see (I usually don’t get around to doing so though), Valkyrie wasn’t, but I was persuaded.  I don’t care for tom Cruise as an actor — I don’t even get into the other nonsense.

First off, it was a beautifully shot movie with lots of nice touches — though some of the tricks were overdone (I’m thinking the close shots of Cruise’s lack of fingers).  And yet the point when Cruise’s character uses his right arm to salute was powerful.

Second, even though it is another of those films that you know how it ends, the suspense was built very well.  I jumped when the bomb went off, knowing that it would and agonized over the decisions made afterward.

Third, I appreciated how the SS and the Nazi Party were refered to as seperate from the general population.  Just like in the former Soviet Union, not everyone was a member of the Communist party.  It’s a point that is lost on most Americans on both sides of the aisle.

Lastly, it was good to see Terance Stamp and Kenneth Branagh again and to see new and interesting British actors to follow.  Jamie Parker  is one I will follow, along with Thomas Kretschmann.


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