I think it’s coming

Disinvestment from Israel.  It’s the only way.  With SouthAfrica (which Israel propped up until the end) and apartheid, it wasn’t until disinvestment that change came to the country.  The government through the ’80’s supported the South African government.  Disinvestment lead to Nelson Mandela’s election.

Our government has backed the Israelis for far too long.  This latest long bombing is just about Israeli elections. 

Having listened to Michael Medved’s “History of the Israeli and Arab Conflict,” I take from it what I did from his Reagan history: skip the bad parts and spin spin spin.

He made a point that the Palestinians are not a people, that the Jewish settlers bought their land from absentee landlords and have never confiscated anything and that the Palestinians are not really from there.  That’s huge spin.

Disinvestment is a tool that has been used with success before.  It should be used now against Israel.  Perhaps then the government will reflect the desire of Israelis.


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