Things Fall Apart

Cisco is better.  He’s worth the $1400.00 to get him back to normal.  It made me wonder how people with sick pets deal with it now.  Fortunately, we could afford it, but what would someone who couldn’t do?

I’m thinking that Murphy should go in with Tammy next time.  They are so close.  Last night I thought Murph had accidentally hurt Tammy, but it turned out to be the other way around — she nipped him — and then when I called them down, Tammy went to Murph and gave him kisses. 

The dryer finally died.  I bought a new one online.  That’s $500 that I didn’t expect to spend.  The hose to one of the toilettes busted and almost flooded the bathroom, but I was here for it and saved the day.

The DVD player doesn’t work anymore.  I’ve tried everything, but at most it will play for about 20 minutes and then nothing.  I don’t think I will replace it.  I bought my TV just in time for it to be HD ready, but it won’t work without a converter box.

My troubles are small compared to people living in Gaza.  It looks like the Iraeli government has learned how to better sell its bombing — through youtube and emails — I wonder why they didn’t use Twitter. 

Things Fall Apart all over the world.  The clock is ticking and George Bush is on vacation — as is Obama.  The one difference is that George Bush is still president, and he made a promise about that problem he helped creat by forcing elections and ignoring the facts on the ground.  What seemed to start on Saturday has been brewing since the election of Hamas.  That’s on Bush’s and Rice’s heads.

Things Fall Apart in Africa as well.  Look to Somalia, the Congo.  I’ll write about them in more depth later.


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