Tonight on Now on PBS, they explored the Pacific nation of Kiribati and the threat it faces from global warming.  Many other nations like Niue and Tuvalu are facing the same fate: the ocean is swallowing them.

Then there’s Dubai’s  obscene project.

There’s no way that Dubai would help little countries — democracies — survive the effects of what gave them the resources to build artificial islands.  Nope.  Not a chance.


2 responses to “Obscene

  1. People should get their facts right. The Ocean is not swallowing Niue. It is 40 – 100 feet above sea level. Auckland and Brisbane are at greater risk from global warming than Niue. The only thing destroying Niue is neo-colonial buffoonery from Wellington

  2. I guess 40-100 feet above sea level will stop the poisoning of fresh water, so no worries.

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