Why didn’t I Think of That?

Given my years long association with musicians and my nearly as long concern about torture, I don’t know why I didn’t think about musicians demanding that their music not be used to psychologically torture people.

Sure, any number of people can say that Barney or Metallica makes them crazy, but that is just a form of speech.

If I were a musician or a composer, I would loath having my music used to torture anyone, no matter who they were.

By using the music they did, the Defense Department and the CIA have little respect for our culture.  I don’t see any Country & Western songs on that line up.  Does that mean that listening to Toby Keith or any other C&W “artists” might not supply the ‘punch’ the torturers were looking for, unlike BARNEY songs (i.e. they are too wimpy)?


2 responses to “Why didn’t I Think of That?

  1. Excellent link. There’s something very muddy in the psychology of the torturers. I’m sure that the fools who’ve used music as an instrument of torture would begin any defense with “studies have shown…”, but this technique says so much about the torturers themselves. It’s ‘clever’ in an extremely adolescent way. (Shades of Richard Rodriguez and his ‘teenage boys with machine guns’ – although he was specifically talking about African teenage boys, he could just as well have been talking about the US Army.) If it is considered acceptable (even amusing, or ironic) to use pop or heavy metal or cloying kids’ music to torment people from another culture, would it also be acceptable to bombard them with visual images which are also representative of Western/American culture such as pornography or televangelists or John Wayne movies? This administration (die, monster! die!) may have set the stage for barbarism but the US military (‘the best we have to offer’) is up to its leatherneck in culpability. As far back as the Greek-Persian wars there were lonely voices pointing out that treating one’s enemies like animals turns oneself into a beast.

  2. The Senate Arms Services committee released a report — unanoumously voted on — pointing an emphatic accusatory finger at Rumsfeld and Bush — not just a few bad apples.

    But back on the idea of music, I think anything that is forced upon you 24/7 must affect your mind. It’s like I said the other night about Sean Hannity. Thinking about the same thing every day, day after day for years has to affect your mind in a negative way.

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