Formerly Self-reliant Texans

ZOMG it snowed on Houston and Harris County.  Why wasn’t Harris County pre-emptive in their dealing with the snow?  Everyone helped themselves and didn’t need the government with a hurricane, but dealing with snow and ice for three or four hours?  Where’s the government???!?!?!?


2 responses to “Formerly Self-reliant Texans

  1. When I moved from Pittsburgh to Wichita, the snow removal issue came to summarize the whole high tax/low tax issue. In Pittsburgh, the sounds of winter included the sound of snow removal beginning with the first accumulation. In Wichita, they only plowed “snow emergency” routes in a half hearted manner and towed and fined anyone who got stuck on said snow emergency route.

    Snow wasn’t an uncommon occurence in Wichita, I might add. I can understand chaos in areas where snow is a once a decade occurence, but multiple snow showers a year warranted a better response plan IMO

  2. Snow and particularly ice isn’t so uncommon here. From what I heard on the news (interviews with city and county officials) they were dealing with the situation well.

    One thing you have to understand about Houston drivers — they can’t deal with the elements. No matter what, they think they can drive just like it’s a bright sunny spring day and when it turns out badly — ice, rain, high water — they blame the authorities for their stupidity.

    And yet, the airwaves are full of people touting their ‘self-reliance’ and opposition to taxes.

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