Our Newest Local Radio Winger

Lores is riffing off of Barbara Walters’ most fascinating people list.  She’s not very well prepared or knowledgable.  When a caller suggested that Amy Winehouse should have had a spot on the list, Lores wasn’t really sure what she might have done that was fascinating, and went one step further to state that Winehouse was an example of the bad influences of, get this, HOLLYWOOD. 

On top of that, she doesn’t know who Frank Langella is.  My goodness, that’s just being deliberately ignorant.

She also has a link to a blogger’s list of 10, which includes Jeremiah Wright.  She disagrees with the blogger, J.D. Dunn, about why Wright is fascinating, which is:

Wright is a symbol of a bygone era, and nothing makes for a greater contrast than his former disciple, Barack Obama. Wright came from an era when the police used fire hoses and dogs on you when you tried to vote. Obama comes from an era where the biggest problem with voting is getting people to turn out if it snows. While Obama has moved on to what social scientists call a “post-racial” environment, Rev. Wright is still fighting the battles of the 1960s. If anything, the Wright controversy shows us just how far the rest of us have come.

She says Wright is on her list, but is using her reason for putting him there are a teaser.  Her show is halfway over, so we’ll see soon enough.  I predict that she will call him racist at the very least, and possibly un-American.  I can’t wait!!!!!!!

Ok, so here’s her list (or the first five – “not in any particular order”).  Obama – because she is fascinated that someone could speak so much with so little substance and still get elected.  Okey dokey.  Jeremiah Wright – fascinating because he could spew so much hatred and still call himself a Christian — and got a pass from the media.  (Sme old same old)  Then there’s Jesse Jackson.  She perpetuates a rumor (it’s just what wingers like her do) about Jackson calling Obama the n-word.  Oh and that he got a pass from the media. 

Her next three are groups of people.  Two of them she calls out for their silence: NOW and the majority of peace loving muslims.  The other is Islamic Terrorists because the media won’t call them that and instead labels them as gunmen and militants.  I’m puzzled at her reasoning on that one.

She gets a dig in at Al Franke, calling him desperate and corrupt and complaining that he’s trying to steal an election.  (Lores is just so original!)  Then there’s some actor from The Office and Britney Spears.  But the one that I think tops them all is her reason for putting Sarah Palin on her list:  Palin won the election for Saxby Chamblis in Georgia this week! YaY! 

One last funny:  a listener informed her about who Frank Langella is but Lores doesn’t care because she’s not into Hollywood and doesn’t pay attention to it . . . . but she put Britney on her list.

2 responses to “Our Newest Local Radio Winger

  1. My list of the 10 most fascinating would have to include John McCain who unleashed the monster of racial and religious hate in his campaign and then had to try to stuff that genie back in the bottle. At times he reminded me of Dr Jekll and Mr Hydetrying to undo the damage hi alter ego did the night before.

    Hines Ward of my beloved Steelers- He’s a great athelete, but he is fascinating because of his charitable work. He is the son of a Korean mother and black American serviceman. Because racial purity is so valued in Korea, he brings some young mixed race Korean kids to the US (well, Pittsburgh) every year to let them get a sense of their non-Korean heritage and their potential as human beings.

    Rachel MAddow who makes me laugh about a lot of bleak things

    Least fascinating- Joe the Plumber

  2. I’ve never gotten into the lists thing, so I can’t say who would be the most fascinating.

    I just don’t look at life that way.

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