This is getting old

I’ve never linked to this guy before, but he’s just not someone I think has his head on straight — nor does he represent the military in any beneficial way.

It seems that he always has a problem with non-wingnut line military.  He doesn’t seem to understand that there is a wealth of info about what torturing does to the torturer.  I get it and I’m someone who’s never been in the military.

He must have been a hoot for those who served with him.  He wants to out the person he’s pissed at, but only to him.

This guy, who calls himself “Uncle Jimbo,” is just a wannabe.  He probalbly served, but I wonder what his fellow soldiers thought of him.  Oh wait . . .


One response to “This is getting old

  1. For the definitive tale on this the upcoming movie “The Torturer”, starring Nichelle Nichols:

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