Thanksgiving Success!

I took the Magimix3150 with me to my mom’s and when the rest of the family got there, had the help of my oldest niece in slicing the sweet potatoes.  The slicer blade is very fine — hardy chip level — and as I fried the slices in extra virgin olive oil, the rest of my family gobbled them up.  It was only three small yams — one was quite a bit lighter in color than the other two — but they made a nice pile of fried chips. 

In my mom’s small kitchen, I had to negotiate the rolls in the oven, the potatoes in the microwave, the yams in the olive oil and the the gravy.  I had layered the yam chips on paper towels, but by the time we were ready to eat, they were almost all gone.  Success!  The gravy even worked out nicely.

After dinner, my brother and sister-in-law went out to Micheal’s for some scrapbooking thing that was on sale — lots of drama about that when they got back — but while they were gone —

The nieces and my sis and mom and I made turkeys out of tiny clay pots and some very small pieces of wood.  We painted, we hot glued and we painted again.  Then we filled the little pots with Skittles.

And now for the state of relations.

My oldest niece has matured into a very sweet girl.  She’s stopped being a pain and has learned to help in the kitchen and especially with the dishes.  The other cool thing is that we had a serious talk about what books she bought with the Barnes and Noble gift card I gave her for her birthday.

My middle niece was hoarse from talking so much from a sleepover, but she wouldn’t stop talking.  She makes thing up all the time.   At least I didn’t have to hear about how that means she is lying this time.  She just has an active imagination.  I played along, as always.

The littlest one liked the yam slices I made for her before she didn’t.  She also liked the special eggs I made for her until she didn’t.  She didn’t give me a kiss goodbye.

She’s just growing up.


4 responses to “Thanksgiving Success!

  1. hi, Michelle,
    how are you doing? Do you remember me? I am still doing OK,I think.

    I am still living in Japan.

  2. Hey! I’m glad Thanksgiving went so well (all in all, of course) … Got back into town safe & sound & all the kittehs are doing fine (thx for looking in on them) … I’ll have to tell you about the kitties at the restaurant in Rockport (one ALMOST got in trouble when he jumped on a patron’s table & ALMOST made her break her camera!) … took lots of pictures & picked up a few seashells in memory of Lu-belle …

  3. Sanae, what a surprise!

    Of course I remember you. I know what you mean about doing ok — it’s always a struggle.

    What have you been up to? I gave up my hotmail account, but I’ll try to reach you through the one you left here.

    And you are more than welcome to comment anytime.

  4. Roberto, let’s pick a few pictures to post, ok?

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