Thanksgiving Eve

I’m ready, more or less.  My youngest niece is allergic to almost everything, so I tried to think of a way to make plain potatoes fun for her.  My mom came to the rescue by saying that she had seen my niece eating sweet potato fries once.  I got some and will probably take the fantastic Magimix 3150 over to my mom’s and get all three girls to help me make them.  The littlest one also likes raw broccoli (say what?) so I got some crowns at the store, too.

I went to Petsmart, too, to get Murphy a harness.  He was a huge baby when I took him to the vet last week and the hand-me-down collar didn’t work at all.  The only made in America harness I could find was for hunting dogs and was that bright reflective orange.  I ended up buying him a purple one made in China, but I compensated for it (in my mind) by getting two cool rope toys.  They are made by Pet Carousel.  One had a couple of cow hooves on it and the other a cut of shank.  I also got a spearmint rope made in Mexico.  They loved them, even though it took Murphy a little bit to figure them out.  Once he had, he tried to hog all three (but not in an aggressive way — he just paid attention 🙂

I’m grateful for this long weekend.  Work has been hectic and just a little depressing.  It’s always difficult in the advanced level writing class when someone you have taught before decides that it’s time to start plaigarizing.  In trying something new this term, I thought I would be able to avoid it, but no.  Next week won’t be fun.  But for now, I’ve got four days not to think about it.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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