Barbara Bush is in the Hospital

I hope everything is working out well for her there.  She’s 83, so I think she’s had about enough time on the planet.


3 responses to “Barbara Bush is in the Hospital

  1. Tammy’s meds have come in! The vet pharmacy is open until 6 today & have regular business hours this Friday. I called & spoke to them & said that ‘maybe’ someone might pick them up but if not, I’d pick ’em up on Monday & they said that would be a-o-k. I sent you an email at work but I musta just missed you. Happy Thanksgiving! Talk to ya later!

  2. How will they know when she’s dead?

  3. Good question.

    Today on a Fox radio station they were refering to her as “America’s Grandmother.” No wonder things are so crappy for so many people in this country.

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