The Road

I had hoped there wouldn’t be a movie of this, but with the success of “No Country for Old Men” I half expected it.

Anyone who has read all of Cormac McCarthy must feel the same way.  “The Road” is brutal.  It takes the reality of “Blood Meridian” and applies it to our current situation.

Yes, I’ll go see it.  Viggo’s face on the paperback in the supermarket today sold me.


4 responses to “The Road

  1. I have The Road, but haven’t read it yet. I’ll probably see the movie before I read the book – if I read the book first, the movie is usually a disappointment.

    I loved the movie No Country, but never read the book.

  2. Back when no country came out R and I tried to guess who would play the different parts. I had become familiar with Javier Bardem by watching Spanish movies on Netflix, but I still got that one wrong (I think I picked Kevin Spacey.) But we both picked Tommy for the sheriff.

    When I saw that cover in the supermarket, I thought, yes, Viggo is the perfect actor.

    Roberto hasn’t read it either. I don’t know how it might work seeing the movie first, but I read it in one sitting on a rainy Sunday and I was in a dark mood for quite a while afterwards. My suggestion is to set aside some time and just read the thing. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t read it, but mostly I’m glad I did.

    Have you read any of McCarthy’s other novels? He’s a favorite of mine.

  3. Damned at Random

    I haven’t read any McCarthy – but his stuff always looks appealing in the reviews. My reading has been sort of scattered lately – mostly magazines and books people lend me. It’s been a few years since i really lost myself in a novel.

  4. I kind of find my own way when reading. There’s another novel, The Lovely Bones, which I think is being made into a movie, but happened the same way with me. I read it in an afternoon because I couldn’t put it down.

    You might read McCarthy’s trilogy before reading Blood Meridian. I did and it made reading the latter more understandable.

    I hope you had a good Thankgiving. I did and am about to write about it.

    Take care and as always, thanks for commenting. Your presence here keeps me going!

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