Still good for a laugh

Rove looking like he will live to be the person those who watched him on election night thought he was.  I didn’t see it, so when I read this, I thought, yeah sure.  He’s fair.  He’s someone who can give a good analysis.  So, it looks like he has turned it all around and now will be able to cash in on his analysis for 2010.  Obama isn’t even in office yet, but Rove is already writing the future.

Speaking of which, I have to paste her whole post:

The biggest myth of this election is that our country will be united under Obama. That isn’t going to happen. It will seem so because it’s our side on the other side and we won’t be making films about Obama while he is in office distorting his words and bashing him. We won’t be drawing pictures of him with monkey ears and calling him Obamahitler like the other side did. We won’t have people running up to Obama’s Sec. of State with ‘blood’ on our hands like Code Pink did. We won’t parade paper mache images of Obama and Biden in prison uniforms down streets of our towns.
And one thing is for sure. The classy and gracious staff of Pres. Bush won’t be pulling the “O” off all the computers and vandalising offices like the Clinton staff did. The Bush family won’t be stealing furniture from the White House either. You won’t have country music artists slamming Obama on foreign soil or agreeing with our enemies about how awful he is.
It will seem better because of the class of Republicans, but it will still be as divided because our ideology and vision is so completely opposite of Democrats and nothing is going to change that.
Given how long it took her to acknowledge material that she stole, I feel certain she won’t make a stink.  And who would she make it to anyway?  She probably won’t understand anyway.
That post is chock full of wrong.  At least she gave up her Chronicle blog.

3 responses to “Still good for a laugh

  1. !!! The ‘classy & gracious staff”????? She sees what she wants to see no matter what. Overall it reminded me of Nixon: ‘You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore’ … If only we could get it in writing. Who cares if ‘her’ side goes off and gnashes their teeth in the dark. The future will happily move on without them.

  2. Oh, I’m going to send the vet-pharmacy info to both ‘bizi’ & yer work email, k? So check ’em when ya get the chance! YaY, Tammy!

  3. I got it, thanks. I’ll go pick it up after classes. Have a good weekend! Tell everyone I said hi.

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