Kids chanting on a bus:  “assassinate Obama”

A long list of racially motivated incidents since election day from across the country.

I’m not surprised by any of this, well maybe the thing about the kids, but there were enough actually interviews with people who felt the same way even before the elect.


3 responses to “Disturbing

  1. Maybe some of the kids were just being parrots, kids being kids and all, but somewhere in there was one little kid who was parroting something they’d heard from their parents. I wonder whether those parents would feel ashamed, or proud, or what? I know it’s not comparable, but I remember feeling really weird and sad when a certain young relative of mine made fun of President Clinton by miming something my Dad had taught her. I guess what is cute to some people is just plain wrong to others. When kids are that young they should just be left free of all that stuff. They have the rest of their lives to fine-tune their prejudices without dragging somebody else’s garbage around as well. … imho

  2. You touch on something that I have always wondered about. Why do some, like me, resist the strange conservative way of thinking, and others don’t. That it pays off for them doing so is one explanation, but not the complete one.

    Perhaps Paul Fussel’s explanation of class has something to do with it, but it doesn’t explain your relative.

  3. It’s maybe a combination of tribal instinct (we’re ‘the people’, everyone who is different either wants to be us or at least take our stuff etc.) & being traditionalist in a real literal way (‘my folks thought like this & lived like this & their folks thought like this & lived like this). Of course, in America, even the most Fundamentalist churches (outside of the good old Mormons) can’t honestly date themselves much further back than the 1920s (or ’50s) in some cases. I also think it’s a lack of curiosity combined with some sort of insecurity about exposing oneself to anything different (you might get ‘turned’ y’know? Like the much-loved myth that kids go away to college & come back atheists & socialists & believing in far out things like interracial dating etc.

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