Worse Than I Thought

It’s still too early to to tell, but I thought it might take more than a week.  Kathleen:

She is fearless, focused, and a woman of the people.
I feel so strongly about her that if her staff called me tonight and asked me to work for her for this next year without pay, I would do it. I would fly across this country to make sure our nation understood what a gift Palin is to us. She is us.
Just as she abandoned John McCain when he needed her the most, Kathleen abandons him again, this time for Palin.  I can only wonder what it must be like to spend one’s entire life as if in high school.
Current President Bush is no better.  He’s whining about his meeting with Obama to Drudge of all people.
This morning, Bill Bennett complained that the change over in administrations is going to be too long.  This from the American history guy.  It’s unlikely that he knows that it used to happen in March.  His show is filled with people telling him what he doesn’t know.
I’m not only looking forward to this transition, but also to the next four years.  It’s going to be difficultl, but we will get through it.  I am hopeful still.

3 responses to “Worse Than I Thought

  1. Wait a minuto! Is Bill suggesting that we dispense with the transition & allow the Obama Administration to move on in & get straight to work? Surely not!

  2. He’s historically challenged that way.

  3. absolutly no one will acknowledge that I am being resonable in this transition time.

    It’s been my problem all along. I’m too reasonable.

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