Election Day Post

Well, I’m watching the PBS election coverage.

Nothing big yet — nothing unexpected.

I can’t believe that it’s finally here.  I hope to stay up long enough, but some how I think my plan to get up early tomorrow will stand.

Harris County has “0%” reporting, but Dems are in the lead with no one reporting.  CBS HD is interesting.  My teevee is holding the signal and they have some funky graphics on the sidebars.

Obama keeps PA and McCain gets Arkansas.  The head fake that I read about earlier — letting McCain think he could get PA and then BOOM.  Good job team Obama!

Chris Bell is doing ok now, as is Bradford.  I’m a bit worried about Lampson, but we will see.

The reports from Chicago are hopeful.

I stay hopeful.

The News Hour is back on shortly.  In the meantime I have trolled my favorite wingnut, Kathleen.  No need to link to her thread since it will go poof in about an hour.

It’s going to happen tonight.

All on my lonely.

Thanks to my handful of readers.

This channel will go back to local and Africa news.



3 responses to “Election Day Post

  1. I’m amazed that Virginia is taking so long … not surprised about poor old Florida, though … I watched ABC from 7-8, while ‘Nova’ was on & their demographic guru-type really laid it all on Bush … he’s wrecked the country & he’s wrecked his own party and will still leave office a happy mindless man … I’m glad to see E. Dole got booted … The only bad thing about PBS is that I’ll have to wait to see some of the local races … last I looked Noriega was closing in on Cornyn (!!) & Bradford was slightly ahead of Lykos … Farrar & Jackson-Lee have wiped the floor with their opponents … YaY!

  2. On PBS: Virginia just got called for Obama! I can’t believe it … the heart of Dixie … and the projection came from FoxNews (it must have killed them to announce it!)

  3. If I can only stay up for the Obama aceptance speach.

    crap i can’t type

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