Today in McCainland

flounders floundering

flounders floundering

Not sure how it happened exactly, but this McCain called out for Joe the Plumber and got no response.  The guy showed up at a later rally, but does that really make up for the earlier incident?

The most shameful part of the morning rally though was that the kids at the high school had to attend and out of the 6000 there, 4000 had been bused in.  Sad.


2 responses to “Today in McCainland

  1. YaY for flounders … I loved the bit about the kids getting bussed in … isn’t that what people used to rag on Castro about? And I met the McCainistas didn’t even give ’em a free lunch, probably just some tacky magnets for the car they don’t own and which, if the Flounders get another 4 years, they’ll never get to own … But the flounders will do what flounders do …. flounder …

  2. Today I learned that Texas Democrats — at leas those on the air waves are not really like me. Or you. Or most dems.

    My hope is that most voters don’t listen to them.

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