A New “Voice” on Houston Radio

In the immediate aftermath of hurrican Ike, Micheal Berry hired a new talker for KTRH.  Her name is Lores Rizkalla.  I listened to her show a couple of times in the dark and have turned in on two or three Sundays, including today.  She’s from the same cookie-cutter.  (No matter how hard all these talkers try to differetiate themselves from each other, they never do — with the notable exception of Michael Savage.)

She has a link on the KTRH website with blurbs of praise from the usual suspects, Hannity, Hewitt, and one local Republican group.  Her links in the blog posts on the KTRH website remind me of the same sort of wingnut links Chris Baker used to post there.

She also has a website with a blog.  I haven’t explored it all, but I will try to check in and perhaps comment there when I have the chance.  Just now she was really shitty to a little girl who called.  The little girl tried to explain to to Lores where she had gotten the things she was talking about and Lores just twisted it.

Gees, just listening to the kids on her show today and how she handles the ones who say they are for McCain versus the two or three who supported Obama.

Thankfully her show is almost over.

But wait!!!!!!  The next to last caller claims he’s not a racist because he would vote for Michael Steele and Lynn Swan.  Too bad, though, neither one of those guys are in office.  It’s tough for Republicans like him — they can’t seem to get their fellow Republicans to agree with them.


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