I did my part

Two friends and I voted today.  There was a line, but it went quickly.  We went out to eat to celebrate.

We voted at the same place that two of us did during the primaries.  I felt the same way about it.  I checked it twice — the first time intentionally, the second time was because I had forgotten that you get to review your ballot.  I paused just a moment each time to see who I had voted for.  I didn’t think this day would come — and definitely not this way.  Call me a later comer (March) to the Obama team.

I feel relieved.  Harris county looks to be going big for Obama.  Bob Stein of Rice University was on the local news saying that the inner loop was of course going for Obama since we’re all minorities now . . .  remind me some day to tell the story I have to tell about Stein.


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