I saw this link earlier today, and I can’t really summarize it — the post and the links in it are well worth reading.  The UN mandate in Iraq ends December 31st.  However this agreement shakes out, it looks like there very well may be a limbo period of time in Iraq between then and the 20th of January.

At the very least, hopefully, our people over there won’t be huge targets, though I don’t know enough to feel very confident about that.  Bottom line is that things are going to be very difficult all the way around.


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  1. That was a really interesting link. Do you remember (during one of the debates & in other instances) how McCain is fond of tsk-tsking non-military types by implying that they don’t know the difference between ‘tactics’ & ‘strategy’? Well, it sounds like he’s having the same sort of problem with this war versus other wars he’s more familiar with. We never invaded Vietnam, we just slowly (& then very quickly) leaked in military advisers, trainers, & finally actual combat troops, all at the express invitation of the South Vietnamese government. The Iraqi government may be ineffectual & ragtag & possibly even illegitimate in some ways, but they are definitely not the sort of puppets that McCain imagines them to be (based on his past experience with our 3rd world ‘allies’). Maybe this is part of some Grand Secret Plan! If we piss of the Iraqi government, then the country will really unite (even if it’s against us, it’s still ‘unity’, right?). The most startling thing however, is still the lifting of complete immunity for US troops. And it has happened on a Republican President’s watch.

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