Dan Patrick Logic

Here we go!

The free world can’t be strong without the U.S. being strong.

The U.S. can’t be strong, without Texas being strong.

Texas can’t be strong without Harris County being strong.

Harris County can’t be strong without conservative Republicans in charge.

Conservative Republicans can’t be strong without Texas Senate District 7 being a strong conservative district (in Harris County).

Dan Patrick is the Texas state Senator for District 7.  Dan Patrick is a strong conservative Republican.  Voters had better keep Dan Patrick in office or else.

And there you are!

I’ll try this.

The free world can’t be happy unless the U.S. is happy.

The U.S. can’t be happy unless Texas is happy.

Texas can’t be happy unless Harris County is happy.

Harris County can’t be happy unless Houston is happy.

Houston can’t be happy unless there are strong happy people in Houston.

I live in Houston, so somebody had better make me happy or else!

ZOMG — Patrick thinks if it were Palin/McCain vs. Obama/Biden, Palin would win.


2 responses to “Dan Patrick Logic

  1. He certainly thinks he’s the center of the universe!
    btw, I dropped you a line on ‘bizi’ … I’m glad Tammy’s home …

  2. Dan Patrick: “I am Texas!!!!!”

    Who cam blame him, he talks about himself every day for hours.

    The weird thing is that he’s not even up for election this time — but it’s still all about him.

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