I got an email about this and it is just shamefull.

There is a rumor (read Republicans) around that if you vote straight Democratic party ticket, then you don’t vote for Obama. 

The reality is that if you vote straight Democratic ticket and then vote for Obama individually, it cancels your vote for president.

Harris County and all of Texas voting is controlled by Republicans.  They are dickheads for doing this.

2 responses to “Dickheads

  1. ** The reality is that if you vote straight Democratic ticket and then vote for Obama individually, it cancels your vote for president. **

    That’s not “the reality” according to the Harris County folks:

    ** Voting for Obama and then voting straight-ticket Democratic (or McCain and straight-GOP) won’t negate any votes, spokesman Hector DeLeon says.

    The votes for president will count, as will the votes for all the down-ballot races. **


    If you’re going to call people names for confusing people, you should probably not spread misinformation yourself. I mean, a rude and profane person might call you a d-head for doing so, when a more polite and reasonable person might just point out your error.

  2. Kevin what you got from Connelly is not what I got from Boyd Richie. DeLeon doesn’t address voting straight ticket first and THEN voting for individual democrats anywhere from the top of the ticket on down. Richie stated that doing that could cancel out your vote in those individual races.

    You didn’t seem to get the last bit of Connelly’s column either:

    So come on people — just put your faith in electronic-voting machines. What could go wrong?

    And then there is this (via LexisNexis):

    In Travis County, election officials reported to authorities that a man dressed in business attire and carrying a clipboard tried to impersonate an election official at a polling place in a grocery store and give out incorrect information about straight ticket voting procedures for Democratic candidates.

    “We’re not sure how many people he got to beforehand, but once he got inside he was pretty easily detected and fled,” DeBeauvoir said. “This is actually a state jail felony.”

    She said the man fled in a car with John McCain bumper stickers on it.

    Lastly, man up, Kevin. One person’s rude and profane is another’s bold and forceful. Or something like that.

    Did you catch Bettencort on Channel 11 last night? There’s to be a follow up tonight. If the job is to difficult for Bettencort to do right perhaps it’s time for him to become a full time talk radio host — like Michael Berry. When’s Bettencort up for election again?

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