The Amazing Race Delayed (again)

Meanwhile — there is a very interesting segment on bull fighting on 60 minutes . . .

Last week’s episode was frustrating.  The luck of the couple from NY is uncanny.  They make major mistakes, end up at the back of the pack, and somehow manage to come in third.  Will that luck last?

I like most of the teams, but I have no favorite yet.


2 responses to “The Amazing Race Delayed (again)

  1. There are still too many teams for me to keep track of! I think that maybe my fave (or one of ’em) might turn out to be Ken & Tina?! I was certain they would be the designated obnoxious ones this season but they’ve turned out to be funnier & kinder (& obviously way smarter) than I’d have predicted. Oh, & the mom&son team are kinda neat.

  2. It’s so hard to say anything without possibly spoiling it, so I will say this: my dislike of one team was confirmed (but not for the reason or member you might think) and yeah, I like Ken & Tina, too. They are way stronger than I expected.

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