“Democrats” I’ve never met

As I was reading another blog’s comments, I came across a reference to a blogthat supposedly is run by Dems still angry about Hillary not getting the nomination.  At first, I thought I would just read a bit, but then in the comments, I saw that someone said that 43% of the ACORN voter registration in Houston had been fraudulent (without a link, of course).

I did a quick search because I remember hearing Paul Bettencort bragging about cleaning out some voter registrations.  I found the article on the Chronicleand sure enough, even Bettencort said none of the registrations were fraudulent.

I decided to comment and ZOMG, it was ridiculous.  Even though all of my comments were scrubbed within an hour, the responses are still there.  Here we go!

michelle — see, where I come from even 1% of fraudulent registrations would be a problem — glad to know you think it is ok though — lets me know what kind of ethics you (and your leader) has.

michelle — you are full of sh!t — duplicate registrations = fraud according to everyone with any sense in their head. Go peddle your WORM some where else.

How widespread is ACORN’s voter fraud conspiracy (don’t act like Obama, who helped train ACORN organizers back in his community agitator days, doesn’t know what’s going on)?

Wide enough to ensure that however many extra votes Obama needs to win the election, they’ll be able to manufacture them.

michelle — god your dumb — can’t you take a hint? we don’t buy your bs WORM — you don’t even know that Harris County is Houston, for crying out loud.

I don’t care much about name calling and I don’t give much credence to assertions without verification, so I thought perhaps these people really are sad Dems still crying over Hillary — until this comment:

wonder what “Michelle’s” last name is

That smacks of the wingnut.  So, this woman is supposedly in her forties and has stayed so bitter, along with her commenters, that they will vote for McCain and won’t abide any disagreement.

It was interesting if nothing else.  I think they are just sockpuppet Republicans, imps on the intertubes., not like any democrats I have ever met — oh, except for one.



2 responses to ““Democrats” I’ve never met

  1. As a huge Hils fan I’m like you & really really suspicious of the ones who say they were for her but will not be voting Democrat this election year. If they are able to make the transition from Hillary to Palin solely on the basis of gender, with no qualms whatsoever then they’re simpletons. Also, a lot of the venom that gets attributed to them has a real Republican whiff to it (no one does Vicious like the GOP). And I’m sorry, but anybody claiming to be a Democrat who is troubled by the race thing has been stuck in a 30-year time warp.

  2. Agreed. I’ve been through more entertaining trolling adventures (think Jeff Goldstein). These lightweights were disappointing.

    And speaking of wingnuts, I think I screwed up at Kathleen’s blog again and blew my ID’s chance of getting posted without moderation by pointing out how silly it is to give a little group working for the poor so much blame for very large problems and (inaccurately for nonexistant fraud).

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