The Third Debate

McCain goes first and at least (briefly) glances over and acknowledges Obama.

Steady as she goes, Obama!

McCain is off on the plumber thing.  Hopefully Obama will have enough time to come back on this.

That was pretty good — but then predictably McCain comes back with the “spread the wealth around” bit.  At least McCain’s looking at him.

Ireland!  Again!

My god his eyelids are going to break he’s blinking them so much!

Earmarks again ZZZZZZZZ.

Hatchet vs. scalpel.

The lie again about the tax on people earning $40K.

Obama is calm, McCain is just repeating ‘trust me’ like Bush.  No thanks.

Torture — ouch!  MCA of 2006 McCain got rolled.

Whether it be . . . . . . after 22 years . . . . . . ..

On to the next topic!  Nasty campaigning!!!  Here comes Ayers — but first the townhall nonsense.  Whining about John Lewis?  Whining about public financing?  What a whiner — and toss in Watergate.  Wow.

Hurt feelings — ouch!  Turning it back to the economy.

McCain — ‘he’s got so much money BAHWAHHAAHH’  baby.

Obama is so very calm.  He’s like a wet blanket on McCain’s steam.  Back to the issues again — health care.

McCain — indignant!  He’s avoiding the Palin remark.

Obama — back to the economy.

What?  That was weird.  Ayers and ACORN boom.

Wingnuts are going to whine about the time Obama is getting now.  Too bad.

Of course, McCain now after Obama doing it several times, he ends with the spit toward the issues.

Sing the praises of Joe Biden!!!!

She’s no role model for me or any woman I know.  I don’t see abusing power as reforming anything.  The special needs hook is there.

The dogs are barking — literally.

Wait — did McCain just say the first Gulf war was about oil?  Tough shit, McCain.

Global warming — no McCain “corrects” Climate Change.  Ass.

CRANKY.  It’s getting late.

Missed a bit there — but came back to hear McCain damn Obama with faint praise.  The only problem with McCain’s drill baby drill thing is that, according to Pickens, no oil company wants those offshore oil leases.

Now he’s off on drugs and his travel to Colombia.

Obama is good — very good.

(Remind me about those women who make and maintain solar panels that I saw on NOW last Friday.)

Thirty minutes to go — will we get any questions about God, Guns, or Abortion?

“Here’s your fine Joe, ZERO.”  McCain looks stunned (at least on PBS).  HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Obama owns McCain on health care.  McCain’s answer, “Joe you are rich.”  Yeah, that’s funny.

McCain is drowning in this health care topic.  He’s stopped making sense.

Except for “Senator Government”

Now we get abortion.  Kathleen will be happy.  Or NOT.  McCain is moving it to technicalities.  Brier?  Obama voted against Brier?  It’s late for McCain.

Thank you Obama — our basic rights shouldn’t be left up to the states.

Here comes the infanticide slander.

This is truly McCain’s last stand.  The kitchen sink?  More like the entire trailer.

Health of the mother is the extreme?  Say what?  Buh bye any remnants of Hillary supporters going for McCain.  McCain doesn’t put value on your life if you die giving birth — he’ll adopt you baby. . . if the baby lives when you are forced to have the baby in the first place.

McCain, Obama agrees with you to a point on charters.  Wait — skip teacher certification?  The hell is that about?

McCain, I’m frankly surprised that you haven’t followed the series on the News Hour about the D.C. school district.  Dumbass.

He’s hanging his hat on Autism?  What?  Vouchers? Proven? What?  Sorry McCain, I haven’t heard her support vouchers.


Calm and steady wins.  All of the advice from all of the wingnut radio listeners falls flat.  They will say that McCain didn’t to this or that, but it is a big ‘ole fail.

That’s it!

Clarence on PBS — YaY!  He’s got to be containing his excitement.


One response to “The Third Debate

  1. Your blow-by-blow analysis is excellent!!! I thought McCain was going to do a John Belushi & slide off of his chair and out of camera range he was stumbling so badly trying to get his memorized snippets out … I really liked that he thinks Sarah Palin is a bresh of freth air! YaY for freth bresh! I was waiting for the right hook of Ayers & the uppercut of Acorn but McCain’s timing was so off & cotton-mouthed that he was punching pure air & then (suddenly!) Next Question (all over). ‘Senator Government’ would have almost been funny if he’d meant to say it. It’s been a good Wednesday, that’s for sure.

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