Another Debate

It’s “where is Mike Jackson?”  He’s not at the debate tonight.  He did photo ops for Ike, whereas the Dem, Joe Jaworski, and Libertarian, Cliff Messina, in the debate tonight were trying to get their community and themselves back on their feet.

It’s a pile on.  Poor Gary Polland doesn’t have a chance in defending Mike Jackson.

This debate is more like the typical Red, White and Blue show — just free-wheeling and all over the place.  It’ what I like about it, but it makes live blogging difficult.

Lots of talk about insurance wrt Ike.  I think this could make the difference.  Also, the fact that the incumbent has some charges against him regarding how he spends his campaign money — something about money that I will have to look up.

I’m in the tank for statewide Dems coming back, so I think Jaworski is presenting himself quite well.  The Libertarian guy hates government and the two party system.

Oh, yes.  Jackson is in with Dan Patrick.  Jackson sided with Patrick’s bill to force women to look at an ultrasound.

Now it’s guns.  And then is deflates.

They need better producers.


2 responses to “Another Debate

  1. Damned at Random

    The one Senatorial debate I would PAY to see is Al Franken vrs Norm Coleman in Minnesota. That would be hysterical

    The Dem and incumbent repub in Oregon are both very dull. I’ll vote for the Dem on principle, but I supported someone else in the primary, so excitement level for Merkley in the Damned household is nonexistant.

  2. Hold up there — this is a Texas state senatorial campaign. The debate with Cornyn and Noriega was last night.

    From fivethirtyeight, it looks like you are correct about the U.S. Senate. I’m still hoping Noriega will be able to push Cornyn out. It’s a good match since it is a statewide office — some will vote straight Dem ticket for Obama, others will do the same for Noriega. (It would be a first for a Latino to represent us Texans in the Senate.)

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