At one point in the Iraq conflict, I got fixated on Margaret Hassan.  I wanted her to be ok so badly.  I search the internet for news of her life.  In that search, I stumbled upon websites that I wish I had never seen.  What happened to her and what I saw on those websites affected me for some time.  The frustration came to a head at work.  A student worker posted a notice late one Friday that Sheila Jackson Lee was going to head up a peace march starting at my place of employment.  A business prof had a problem with the student sending a broadcast email and with the sentiment of the email.  This business prof decided that a peace march was anti-military and used her son’s service to justify her position.  Over the weekend, I lambasted her about it (but not on broadcast email — I know well enough to reply to a single sender.)

She reported me to personnel and I was on probation for a year.  It was pretty bad.

There was a musical component to my anger and my probation.  I haven’t really listened to much music since.  The only music I want to listen to will only make me remember and that remembering only makes me angry.

It’s something about the protest music of this administration, and the wars it has gotten us into.  It was right on target, but nothing worked.  Just like my protest to the prof — I was the one threatened with firing — not the women advocating more war.  (It happened in early 2006.)


About music — having given up on listening for the past few years — I’ve started noticing the music in commercials.  Since I don’t go out anymore to hear live music, this is where I start — slowly crawling back up to the point where I can evaluate music for what it is.

For me it is odd — I’m looking backwards instead of forwards.  But it is a place to start.

Here’s what I’ve got:

In looking for the origins of the music used for the commercials for CSI, I found one answer that was wrong — but I liked the band — and the correct answer, but didn’t really like the entire song.

Thumbs up: Vaux

Thumbs down: Band of Horses

I’m crawling back up to what’s up with music.

Any help will be appreciated 🙂


One response to “Music

  1. This was a very interesting post … my CSI guess – ha! Obviously I’m stuck in 1986 or something … oh well …

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