Debate Tonight!

The local PBS station is hosting debates for the Texas elective offices up this November.  Last week was the debate for Sheriff or something.  Pretty boring, but I already knew everything I needed to know about that race and I’m thinking the stink from the D.A.’s office may hurt the incumbent.

Tonight has the potential to be more interesting.  It’s John Cornyn (“I take credit for everything”) and Rick Noriega.  Here’s Rick’s homepage.

Even though I’m not very good at live blogging, I may try to update this post if I can.

I already forgot — the Libertarian candidate will be on as well.  Her name is Yvonne Adams Schick.

Noriega comes out stating he wouldn’t have voted for the bailout.  Hmmmm.

To Cornyn — tax cuts — still trickle down economic theory.  He hit back at Noriega on the bailout.

Schick is for cutting spending, and points out that war is a “money pithole”.  Hmmm.

First direct question to Schick — she’s on the Ron Paul page, that’s for sure.

Noriega touts pay-go.

Cornyn agrees with the Libertarian!  Hits the spending.

The question is torture, but the dogs are barking!!!!!  I missed most of it, but I’ll review the tape.

Noriega smaking Cornyn on immigration.

It’s actually very interesting having the Libertarian candidate in the mix.

Cornyn fails on the terroist answer.

Crap this is too fast for me.  They’ve got a little oven timer dinging and then it’s off to another question. . .

I can’t do this!

And I wish I could because Cornyn is making an ass of himself.

There are some screwups with the production as well.  David Jones just looks pissed.

I’m just watching from here on out — the immigration stuff is good.


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