Did Somebody have a Bad Day?

It seems some loser thought he was on the loser plane.  He decided to use his soapbox at CBS to cry about how very mean and stinky the Obama team is.  Pobrecito.  I play my tiny violin of sympathy for him.

What this little temper-tantrum by Dean Reynolds only serves is to allow people like my favorite wingnut Kathleen to make snide remarks.  And sure, Reynolds probably got some satisfaction from writing it and then hitting the post button.  But as he himself stated, “Maybe none of this means much.”  You got that right.


3 responses to “Did Somebody have a Bad Day?

  1. Looking at Reynolds’s article the thing that struck me (other than the pettiness about baggage & the untidy smelly plane) was that he appears to approve the choreographed nature of some of McCain’s events. I guess for a journalist who’s a tad on the lazy side it may make it easier to follow & predict what’s happening but it sure sounds like the Bush approach: manufactured enthusiasm and no nay-sayers allowed within shouting distance of the candidate. Democracy, Republican-style.

  2. There were a couple of videos out today — they showed part of one on the News Hour — that really shows the true colors of the McCain/Palin support. (The other one is on Wonkette.)

    Obama/Biden are really bringing out the worst in the Republicans.

    The other thing that Reynolds either purposefully leaves out or is too stupid to get is that the Obama campaign has to work with the Secret Service at all times and that he’s already had at least one credible threat in Colorado — who knows how many others haven’t been publicized.

    Lastly, don’t you think he saw this as a demotion? I would if I were him.

  3. Oh definitely a demotion for Dean. A sort of “okay, old-timer, we thank you for your service etc etc but why don’t you make way for someone a little younger who actually might get some of the aspects of [Obama’s] campaign that you can’t/won’t” … It might be interesting to track down Dean’s whereabouts during the Clinton campaigns (Bill’s, not Hil’s) since that was notorious for keeping people waiting & pissing off the press while doing it … maybe he [Reynolds] is trying to make imply there’s some personal arrogance involved …? …

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