Some Pre-Debate Thoughts

First up:  Bad Karma or just plain stupid?  Jerome Corsi thought it would be a good idea to go to Kenya to sell his smear book about Obama.  He also wanted to meet with Obama’s half brother. (Some people have no understanding of people who value honor.  Obama’s half brother doesn’t want the attention — he feels ashamed of himself, but has taken responsibility for his actions and life.  Why can’t people just leave him alone?)  Corsi was detained and then deported.  (Even handed but interesting article herefrom the CSM.)

Finally free or not quite?  The Bush administration lost in court again but will appeal.  Federal Judge Ricardo Urbina ordered that 17 Uighurs be released from Gitmo 6+ long years after they were turned in tho the U.S. military for a bounty.  The basis of the appeal?  Same old same old:

The Justice Department said it planned to seek a stay of Urbina’s order. His ruling “presents serious national security and separation of powers concerns and raised unprecedented legal issues,” said Brian Roehrkasse, a department spokesman.

I got one of my retirement account statements yesterday — it’s a little one from a part time gig I had right after grad school, not my main one) and it has lost a little over 10% in value.  In a way I’m lucky — my accounts have time to recover.

Bill Bennett got something right — stopped clock or has he come to his senses?  This morning Bennett was looking for and giving advice to McCain for the debate.  Overwhelmingly, the verdict is that McCain has to look at Obama.  Perhaps easier said than done for McCain.

I saw two more cars with Obama stickers today in the parking garage — only one McCain so far.

The last segment on the News Hour tonight is especially good.  The description:

Poet Kwame Dawes teamed up with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting to create a multimedia Web site called “HOPE: Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica.” The interactive site pairs his poetry with music, essays and video from people living with the disease and their caretakers.

As for the debate, I don’t think it will be a game-changer either way.  Obama’s numbers, particularly in individual states, are not only holding, but improving.  My favorite wingnut Kathleen is responding on cue to the recent McCain rhetoric:

I fear for our country. I fear that we may elect Obama, the man who taps on the window and smiles and seems so harmless, but in the end hurts us. (This refers to a story from her youth earlier in the post.)  I fear he will hurt our country in ways that can’t be measured. I don’t mean that Obamais a bad person. I am speaking metaphorically. I mean that the socialistic things he wants to achieve and his misunderstanding of the war on terror will make us so much less of a country and hurt us for generations to come.

He is the dangerous one.

As a persistent Bush supporter (she defends him to this day), I guess it’s understandable that she doesn’t realize the deeper meaning of what she is saying.


5 responses to “Some Pre-Debate Thoughts

  1. At 12+ ‘my friends’ I am sick of McCain.

    Tomorrow — even though I have this blue tarp on the house — I’m going to hit the Obama office and the phones.

  2. Gerson on PBS doesn’t think we remember the Iranian response to 9/11.


  3. McCain’s more bloodthirsty supporters must be pretty disappointed. Also, I know that McCain really thinks he’s got this new-fangled ‘town hall’ thing nailed down, but his wanderings-about & popping up in the background when Obama was speaking reminded me of a certain senior citizen quality. If they had had a refrigerator on the stage I bet McCain would have opened wide & then stood there for 5 minutes or so, just staring at the contents.
    Every once in a while the Newshour tries to mix it up by inviting some new talking heads on. Gerson is definitely one that they shouldn’t have back. Finally, as a side note about all 3 debates so far, it’s been cool to actually put names & faces with those voices from NPR (tonight it was Audie Cornish & Scott Horsley).
    Well, my friends, not to jinx it or anything, but I foresee a long and quiet retirement for Senator McCain in the near future, out watering the cactii in the great Arizonan nothingness, or maybe puttering about among the many refrigerators in Cindy’s 75 condos.

  4. popping up in the background when Obama was speaking

    That will be played again and again tomorrow. Trust me.

    McCain has a couple of years to screw with Obama, but who is to say that he will have the energy? I imagine he will blame Obama. The one he should blame is Bush.

    If I wrote for the National Review or the Weekly Standard, I’d fall on my sword at this point. Obama owned McCain at the end (smooth) when he spoke directly and stayed. McCain doesn’t get cool.

    It reminds me of the conversation I had today with the yappy guy. He doesn’t understand that I don’t appreciate that yappy stuff. I had to smack him down again today.

  5. Damned at Random

    I had a lot of trouble concentrating on the debate after the first half, just didn’t find the questions particularly interesting (for which I blame Brokaw or whoever did the screening ). I thought the merit of the townhall setting was to get to some issues beyond the narrow filter of the MSM, but it was really the same ol’ same ol’.

    The McCain proposal to rewrite all the problem mortgages didn’t go over well here – again, the neighbors who were sacrificing to keep their mortgage payments current will still be on the hook for the full pre-collapse mortgage value while the guy who was planning to bail after a couple more months in default gets a break. But I guess the pain is never allocated fairly in a crisis.

    As far as presentation, McCain looks so awkward with his inability to lift the arms- this roaming forum really highlights his infirmity. It is a lot less obvious behind a podium. I don’t know why he thinks this format plays to his advantage. He just doesn’t project warmth like Clinton and Obama do working a crowd. Maybe that is just my bias showing, but I really tried to watch objectively

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