The Amazing Race Delayed

It’s on about 30 minutes late because of the Cowboy’s game.  It’s still too early to get a feel for favorites, but I’m already getting a little turned off by the couple from New York.  I can’t even remember most of the names yet.


4 responses to “The Amazing Race Delayed

  1. Oh hi! I realized I forgot some of the recycle stuff (when it was too late, of course) … also, I forgot the generator info (phone #s etc. but I can call tuesday) … hope the rest of the weekend has been good … I’ve been throwing out lots of paper! A good thing (yay!)

  2. p.s. which one is the couple from New York?

  3. What did you forget? If you mean the kitty fort, then I think it was a good thing. Cisco really likes it. The number for the generator is 1-877-338-0999.

    You know the couple from New York with the guy who was jealous of his girlfriend talking to other teams. This is not a spoiler, but when they were leaving from the start, he claimed the cabby whacked him on the head. I think he cried and immediately blamed his girlfriend. Pathetic. And remembering poor old Gretchen from past races — down in the hole with blood running all over her face but battling on — triple pathetic.

  4. Ha! ha! ha! Thanks for reminding me of Gretchen (down in the hole, on top of the elephant ha ha ha) …

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