That Age Thing

When Bill Ayers decided to do more, Obama was eight.

When McCain decided to help Keating, McCain was 53.

When Obama met Ayers, he was in his 30’s.

When McCain was in his 60’s, he embraced Gordon Liddy.

I’m in my forties.  I know that associating with a criminal is probably not a good idea.  Bill Ayers is not a criminal.

McCain was older than me when he decided to help Keating and was rebuked.  He accepted Liddy as an equal at an age and time when it suited him.   And that’s the kicker.  McCain has no shame.  He sees this election as his.  He sucked it up for W, not it’s his turn — and Newt keeps pushing this idea — even to the detriment of his party.

2 responses to “That Age Thing

  1. Damned at Random

    I never did get the Ayers thing. I served on the boards of some small local nonprofits- it never crossed my mind to investigate the actions of other board members 40 years in the past.

  2. Damned at Random, your comment is right on … Going by the McCain-Palin’s train of logic (once-tainted-forever-doomed) and despite Obama’s having said all the politically necessary things to distance himself from Ayers, then it follows that McCain’s brief allegiance to Hagee in San Antonio should follow him forever and so should questions about whether he (McCain) thinks Catholics are going to hell. From the way Palin goes on you’d think that Alaska’s streets are all one-way.

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