A Simple Question

Do you think that Palin and McCain and Hannity and the Republican party in general are trying to root out people who both support Obama and have particular opinions about the Vietnam conflict?  In other words, are they baiting?  It’s a common enough tactic, though I don’t know how successful it will be.

As Palin said in the debate, ‘let’s not look backward, but rather forward.’  The biggest problem with her line of attack is that George W. Bush is still president.  However, she is looking even further back in trying to link Obama to Ayers.  As I wrote in my post about AMW, it’s still a sore point with a lot of people.

Palin is explicitly stating that American exceptionalism is a legitimate argument.  The only problem with that is that so many Americans don’t see things quite the same way.  Many of us want to be a part of this world, not above it.  Many of us see cooperation as a way to stop China from taking advantage of Africa — a place the so-called Western world has helped each time it seeks to destroy itself.  The Chinese are offering them something different.

So, are they — McCain and Palin and Hannity et al trying to poke a bear?  Do they think that they will provoke a group of people, whom they can then point at?  I think so.


One response to “A Simple Question

  1. If by the bear, you mean certain folks who have a completely different take on Bill Ayers etc., then I’m sure you’re right. This particular bear is going to sit on his paws until it’s safe!

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