This and That

My plan for the advanced reading class is not playing out the way I had envisioned at the beginning of the term, but the way it has isn’t all bad.  We reached the half-way mark in the novella I Am Legend this week.  Along the way, I have had them focus on setting and the effect of narration.

Setting was something I wanted to work with originally because I had wanted to show them the 1971film Omega Man.  The book was written in 1954, so the author was imagining what life would be like in 1971.  I had wanted them to test the predictions.  Unfortunately, as I watch edthat movie again recently, there are tones in it that would take too long to explain — especially the Mason Family overtones.  Looking around Netflix, I found a film made in 1964 (staring Vincent Price!) called The Last Man on Earth.  It’s based on the same book.  The Wiki entry gives the plot, and I’ve got it on my Netflix que now.  The time frame is a little off, but I think it will work.

My plan for now is to have my students tease out the plot in chronological order — we discussed ‘flashbacks’ last Thursday.  I’ll see if the Price movie is in chronilogical order or not when it gets here.  The Will Smith movie has flashbacks.  Sometime in the next week, I will put together their final.  Right now, I’m thinking it will be a short answer test over the main character, tone, and the themes that the story focuses on.


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