The Lead Balloon

The moment that Palin accused Obama and Biden of surrender.

That was clearly a wingnutty thing to say.

And as far as whether Palin is middle class — her family is in the top 5% of income earners.  $200K plus.


9 responses to “The Lead Balloon

  1. I thought Biden was the clear winner on substance and style. I’ll admit I’m disappointed that Palin didn’t lapse into bewildrified silence but the wingnuts will score it as a victory since she didn’t freak out or speak in tongues or accuse Gwen of being a witch. I liked Richard Norton Smith’s characterization of her as “Gidget Goes To Washington”. And I’m surprised Joe didn’t rise to the provocation when she smugly congratulated him on being pro-Israel (she of course has those special fundy reasons for loving Israel but it ain’t cause she loves the Israelis).

  2. Strict definition of speakin gin tongues.

    She showed the wing nut several times.

  3. Damned at Random

    I watched the debate on CNN where they had a response meter on the bottom of the screen. They were monitoring undecided Ohio voters. The response rarely went negative for either candidate, and at the beginning of the debate both seemed to do about as well with those voters, but late in the debate, Biden was still mostly getting a positive response while Palin flatlined – a lot. I guess her schtick got old with repetition.

    The biggest jump of the whole evening, IMO, was when Biden said that Cheney was the most dangerous VP in history (I think he said “dangerous”, it may have been “worst” – my memory isn’t great on this point).

    Palin was better than I expected, her sentence structure was less Bush-esque than in the Couric clips. I’m glad she didn’t melt down – I would have felt so sorry for her and esp her kids to have seen that. I thought Ifill was pathetic- she didn’t ask followups even when Palin ignored the question. I’ve seen her do much better on the Lehrer show. Biden hit just the right tone- very pleasant, not bullying or condescending, but clearly in control of the facts.

    By the way, Ed Schultz said the audience for this debate was significantly larger than for Obama/McCain – he said Super Bowl numbers. I hope most people saw what I saw.

    And I love your typo – speakin gin tongues. I’ve done that

  4. Hope yr Friday was okay … busy day here (for some reason!) … see ya tomorrow at some point, k?

  5. Same here, Roberto. See you tomorrow!

    I watched on PBS, but I read about the meters in realtime on blogs last night. Just now CBS had their pot debate polls. It looks like the Republicans managed to set the bar pretty low — but perhaps so low that there’s no way for her to compare with Biden, even though she improved in people’s estimation a great deal.

    I had complete confidence in Biden beforehand and he was great. He had an authenticity than Palin couldn’t match.

    It seems like each broadcast in this election gets larger and larger audiences. I’m thinking that’s a very good thing.

    And HAHA about my typo. I didn’t catch that 😉

  6. Here’s a creepy link from Wonkette, in case you all missed it.

  7. ZOMG — they just played it a little bit of it on the News Hour!

  8. Yeah, I thought it was pretty sad that he had to mention her to get any response out of the audience. I heard some interesting comments about Biden at work, namely that people weren’t that familiar with him and were all pretty impressed (his demeanor, his knowledge & intelligence, & his life story). My first impulse was to ask them what cave they’d been living in for the last 20+ years but instead I added a few more factoids in Joe’s favor. Also, between Palin’s complete disavowal of any connection to Bush & the past 8 years and McCain’s clumsy-ass antics over the bail-out (pissing off both Boehner & Blunt? that takes some talent since those 2 can’t stand each other), I wonder whether the 26%ers (or is it now closer to 18%) of Bushies will decide to stay at home on Nov. 4. Just hopin’, gosh darn it!

  9. Ha! I can do you one better with work stories. I found out at the end of the day that the yappy new guy openly admits he voted for Bush in ’04. I had promised that he could use the test I wrote for my class in his class, but right now I’m thinking he can write his own damn test.

    I checked Rasmussen tonight — they aren’t even bothering to update their Bush job approval rating anymore.

    Oh, and you got Julie Mason fired from her job. Way to go . . .

    j/k — she’s leaving the chron and shutting down the blog there. I don’t know if they will get an actual reporter in there or if they are just going to go with the wire reporters from now on.

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