Obama and McCain back on the Senate floor:

So Obama crossed over into enemy territory.

He walked over to where McCain was chatting with Republican Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida and Independent Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut. And he stretched out his arm and offered his hand to McCain.

McCain shook it, but with a “go away” look that no one could miss. He tried his best not to even look at Obama.

Finally, with a tight smile, McCain managed a greeting: “Good to see you.”

I think I said this after or during the debate — I don’t think McCain’s behavior is about Obama so much as it is about McCain.  Remember how lots of people said that Hillary thought she was inevitable?  Perhaps, but McCain really believes it.  What makes it worse for McCain is that Obama is completely unflappable.


2 responses to “Petty

  1. Damned at Random

    I just don’t undrstand this jerkwad behavior. Did he think he would get the office by acclaimation? Has he had any real opposition for the Senate seat lately? Or is the problem that Obama isn’t a worthy opponent in his eyes? Would he be a big a jerk if Hillary was the nominee?

  2. wrt to Hillary, it’s hard to say. There’s clearly not the same animosity between the two of them that McCain has shown towards Obama — and it’s not just recently.

    Perhaps the bargain was that Bush would do everything he could to get McCain elected — as some sort of peaced-making deal back in 2000. Who knows?

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