The Amazing Race Begins Tonight!

I love this freaking show.  My BS was in physical anthropology with a minor in sociology.  Of course, I had to study a lot of cultural anthropology to get my degree, too.  And even though I didn’t get to go to Barro Colorado or Central Africa to study predation in monkeys, I do use my education every day interacting with my international students.  Which is the long way of saying how this show really appeals to me because of its cultural content.

Of course, I also love the personalities.  The show’s producers always seem to get great people to participate.  (Except that I didn’t really like the ‘family’ version. )  I looked up the teams for this season a while back, and I have my early favorites.

Just a few more minutes!  YaY!

3 responses to “The Amazing Race Begins Tonight!

  1. It looks like this year CBS/TAR published where the teams will go and in what order.

    No spoilers without warning!

  2. Oh man! That’s one of the neatest things about the show, the not knowing what’s up next (and of course there’s always the several racers who fumble over the place names and make the rest of us feel smart!) YaY!

  3. They are going to Almaty — that’s all I’m saying — since no one is left there bacause they are all in Houston.

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